The School of Business Administration

IAC’s business school encourages students to explore interests outside of architecture and urban and regional planning. The school provides the students with many opportunities to obtain a good sense of economy, management, and finances. It can also help them network and build their careers. The first and most important reason for attending this school is to get acquainted with must-to-know skills that university education has less opportunity to deal with them. This school believes that: career advancement is not an accident but the result of intelligent choices and strategies. For establishing a position and shining in a profession, it is necessary to choose the orientation and expertise.

TUNE UP Course

In this course, the right path to the conclusion of a project in the architecture offices (from study phase to design and presentation and defense in front of the employer, report writing and documentation, etc.) will be followed with the accompaniment of professors or Another educational training about how to manage an architectural project with the aim of reaching the job market and entering architectural offices. This course generally includes three parts of studies, design and presentation.

AMBA Course

The first business school of architects has been established by Iran Architecture Center with the aim of empowering people who are active and interested in architectural business and urban planning. Since 15 years ago, business school or MBA courses in Iran have been defined as free and independent applied courses from the academic environment. This field is now going through its maturity and prosperity, and its specialized branches are developing in different areas. Iran Architecture Center is the first founder of the business school of architects and the first organizer of the MBA course for architecture and urban planning.

Skills acquired in this course:

  • Financial management of offices
  • Marketing in the architecture profession
  • Human resources management
  • Legal management in architectural offices
  • Strategy and business model innovation
  • Digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Branding in architecture
  • Design project process
  • Principles and techniques of negotiation
  • Technical management of architectural offices


MBA for Architects


Mojtaba Fatemi

Mojtaba Fatemi